Advanced Training for 6 - 12 year olds

The sessions are designed to complement a recreation players current parent-coached sessions and games.  


This program is available to children ages 6-12 years old that are looking to learn basic and advanced soccer skills while applying them in a competitive, fun environment.  Trainings are designed to get kids as many touches of the ball as possible per session.  This is the essential building block of having fun and getting better as a player. If you are considering playing at a competitive club level or looking to gain additional skills and ball touches for your child, this is highly recommended as productive sessions to gain additional experience.

Professional coaches from the Concorde Fire Soccer Club will conduct all sessions. The sessions will focus on learning solid soccer skills required to play at the next level while reinforcing them through fun and challenging exercises and small-sided games.  At the end of the session, the coaches will provide feedback and assessment to skills and ability of players to utilize these skills.

Example of 8-week program and objectives by:


    •    Ball familiarity, dribbling

    •    Ball control, passing & receiving

    •    Turning with the ball & receiving to turn

    •    1 v 1 attacking, passing & combination play

    •    Mixed skills, techniques in opposed situations

    •    Control & balance, dribbling & agility

    •    Passing & perception/awareness

    •    Shooting & balance, turning with the ball & agility

All skills learned can be applied in a game situation the very next week.


To register for the program through John's Creek United Methodist Church go to or call 770-497-2515.


To register for the program through Newtown Park and Rec please call 678-297-2662.